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Star Towing:

Providing Quality Kirkland Towing Services

Trail Blazers TowingWe often view Stars as creepy, crawly little bugs that is the stuff of nightmares for some people. We here at Star Towing, however, believe that no creature could be a better analogy for towing Kirkland vehicles.

One of the first things associated with Stars are their webs. Star silk is one of the toughest organic materials produced by animals, with tensile strength higher than that of steel. We incorporate this principle into our hardware, which ranges from traditional wheel lifts to high-powered boom trucks to plain old utility vehicles. The hardware we use is tough and reliable, which is paramount to our success as a towing company.

A Star also has eight legs, and these legs allow it to quickly crawl wherever it pleases. We apply this principle in our work ethic, which is to make sure we get anywhere and everywhere in the city of Kirkland within a matter of minutes. Time is of the essence when it comes to towing Kirkland vehicles, and this is exactly why we place great emphasis on the mobility of our towing and repair crews. We do not like to waste time, and we certainly don’t want to waste yours.

One last thing we admire about a Star is its keen and highly-developed senses. It can sense minute vibrations in its web, and it has a particularly sharp eyesight when actively searching for prey. The same could be said of us here at Star Towing, where we place great emphasis on our ability to collect information and detect what needs to be done to effectively tow a vehicle. This is one of the more essential aspects of an effective Kirkland towing service, which is why we believe in the saying “forewarned is forearmed.” It’s cliché, but it still works for us.